Axopar: Get Into Gear On The High Coast Trails

Adventurers with a taste for the Nordics have long known of Höga Kusten, The High Coast of Sweden, where 20,000 years of mother nature’s touch have shaped a dramatic landscape with the world’s highest coastline. This is the real, rugged Sweden, where mountains plunge straight into the sea and opportunities abound for leaving the daily grind of urban life behind.

Quick Tip: Best Battery Care

No matter how awesome your boat and engine might be, they’re not going anywhere if your battery is lifeless. Before your battery goes into storage, take a few minutes to provide care that will ensure it’s ready to go boating when you are.

5 Reasons Why: Axopar 37

Read about 5 of the most convenient design features of the Axopar 37: wide side decks, sliding side doors, easy access to spring cleats, visibility from the helm and the ease of maneuverability offered by the outboard engines.

Aft Engine Installation and Maintenance

Boats with engines located aft offer several benefits over mid hull mounted arrangements but also require attention to different maintenance items, one of them often overlooked that can cause serious engine damage. Most newer boats with aft engines are what we commonly refer to as “pod” drive but this applies equally to out d…v